21, Jul 2023
Florida Intriguing Snake Chomps Beyond What It Swallow Chokes

A rare snake has been found dead in Florida after choking on a giant centipede.

At the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, researchers discovered the Tantilla oolitica, better known as the crowned snake of RIM rock.

According to a press release from the Florida Museum of Natural History, this was the first sighting of the snake in four years.

A large centipede got stuck in the dead Snake’s mouth halfway.

A hiker spotted the snake and informed the park staff.

The specimen was then returned by scientists to the Florida Museum for further study. The journal Ecology published a study on the finding on September 4.

Rare, browbeat with extinction

The endangered stone-crowned snake is not harmful. It is only occasionally seen and is endemic to South Florida.

Previously, scientists were not sure about the diet of the rare snake, although it is known that centipedes were her favorite food.

The snake, crowned by rim rock, has never eaten an arthropod.

Coleman Sheehy, co-author of the study and director of the Florida Museum’s herpetology collection, said in a press release that when he first saw the photos, he was “amazed”.

Given the rarity of this species, Sheehy said that it is extremely rare to find dead specimens while eating prey.

He claimed that he could never have imagined that he would come across something of this kind. The whole team was completely out of the house.

Autopsy, computed tomography, study

An autopsy was performed by scientists to determine the cause of pass away.

The snake’s side had been cut off by the centipede’s harmful pincers, which, according to the autopsy, led to internal bleeding.

Although it is highly unlikely that this was the cause of pass away, the researchers found that snakes that regularly consume centipedes were immune to the virus.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the size of the centipede eventually finished the snake.

The flexible jaws of many snakes allow them to wrap around wide prey without choking, which allows them to swallow prey that is much larger than them.

However, sometimes snakes overestimate their capabilities.

Most of the centipedes, according to ct scans, blocked the trachea of the snake, which was crowned by the edge. The rare snake suffocated as a result.

The study provided a unique window on elusive species, the rarity of which prevents scientists from studying species frequently.

It is believed that they will disappear, because they are seen so unusually. But at the moment, Key Largo still seems to have a population.

The existence of the snake species on the Florida Peninsula is still uncertain, according to Sheehy. The habitat had been essentially finished, he continued, so the lack of evidence was not proof of the absence, Newsweek reported.

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