21, Jul 2023
Win Back Your Time Wedding Arranging Made Simple

Time is precious—especially for couples planning a wedding. On the one hand, you want to explore all your options and possibilities. Conversely, you want to savor your engagement and enjoy the little moments with your partner. Netflix and chill when you’re engaged? It’s a whole new experience!

Here’s a solution that allows couples to have both: our Wedgewood Weddings’ all-inclusive packages. The whole wedding planning process becomes a breeze with an expert team, vetted vendors, and exquisite venue options at your fingertips. You win back hundreds of hours to focus on the parts you’re genuinely interested in—and, more importantly, spend quality time with your honey.


Most people think planning a wedding takes time. A lot of time. While couples can refer to a general checklist, many other variables, such as your budget, guests, and personal wishlist, come into play.

So before making decisions, it’s essential to ask yourself these foundational questions:

Wedding planning takes time if you want to get it right. Spending hundreds of hours, or even thousands, is totally normal. Now imagine if you could hand this work off to someone else. You could put that time toward enjoyable tasks (like setting up a gift registry) or more date nights with your partner. That sounds awesome, right? The great news is you can make that your reality by partnering with our wedding experts.


Weddings are complex events with many moving parts that must be in sync. This is where wedding experts come in! Check out these awesome perks of engaging the services of experienced planners, coordinators, and designers.


Every moment counts—especially when you’re getting married! With your busy schedule and hundreds of items on your to-do list, you sure can use a little help. With ample industry experience and established networks, our wedding experts can be your trusty time-savers. They’ve already taken care of research and vendor negotiation and are experts in day-to-day coordination, leaving you free to savor every moment of your engagement.


Couples can be stretched thin during wedding preparations by the sheer number of decisions . This is where our wedding experts come to the rescue! They’ll gladly take the load off your plate by helping with things like timelines, setup, tear-down logistics, and more. They also will help keep you on track during the process, and remind you of important planning milestones you should be meeting. With their expert guidance, everything can run like clockwork as they keep your vision front and center.


Our wedding experts have spent more hours than you can imagine researching and scouting top-notch vendors and décor options. This gives them a wealth of insider information for creating memorable events. Add to that their keen eye for design, vast knowledge of local hotspots, and contract-negotiating prowess, and they can be invaluable assets that score you the best deals and services.


On your wedding day, it’s your time to shine! So you’ll want to be fully present and able to relish all the fine details. That’s when our teams of wedding experts step in, orchestrating a flawless event from start to finish. From the enchanting setup and décor to the smooth-flowing timeline and impeccable catering service, rest easy knowing that all the little details will be handled. That way, you can relish every moment of your celebration without lifting a finger.


One of the many benefits of booking a Wedgewood Weddings venue is that all of our all-inclusive packages include planning services and an on-the-day coordinator. Many of our couples find that they don’t need an additional wedding planner, but if you prefer a bit more hands-on guidance, check out our tips below on selecting the right professional planner for you.


Choose a team connected to or recommended by your wedding venue. It is always beneficial for your planner to be familiar with your venue. Or you can research wedding planning companies and individual professionals in your area. Look for reviews, portfolios, and testimonials from previous clients. This enables you to gauge their professionalism, expertise, and customer service. You can also get recommendations from friends and family who have recently tied the knot or consult with trusted vendors (such as caterers or event rental companies) for referrals.


Before reaching out to potential wedding experts, list your must-haves. This may include things like price, experience, communication style, and availability. By having a clear set of criteria in mind, you’ll be able to zero in on professionals who check all of your boxes.


Once you’ve identified a few promising wedding experts, it’s time to get chatty! Set up consultations to learn more about their process, style, and experience. Ask them all the burning questions and get a feel for their planning approach.


Looking for the best wedding experts? Your search starts and ends with Wedgewood Weddings. Planning a wedding with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Literally!

Step One: First, pick your venue. Check out the stunning venue options on our website. Find one you like? Book a free tour to see how your vision can come to life.

Step Two: It’s time to choose a wedding package. Our wedding packages are all-inclusive, so you can skip over the research and menial tasks and get straight to the fun decisions, like what’s on the menu! With every package, you can trust that our vendors are top-notch. Got a list of must-haves? We can help you customize your package so it feels just right.

Step Three: Once you’ve selected your venue and package, our team will work with you to find an ideal date and time. Let the team know if you have a particular season in mind or are interested in seeing dates with affordable rates. They’re pros at finding dates that fit your vision and your budget.

Once you complete these steps, your level of involvement is totally up to you. If you want to be more involved, our experienced team will share all their secrets to make everything feel easy, creative and stress-free. Or, you can just focus on the elements that matter to you. For example, some of our clients’ favorite projects are personalizing favors and shopping for attire.


We know your time is valuable. So whether you want to save or maximize your precious hours and minutes, our team of experts at Wedgewood Weddings has got you covered with our unrivaled expertise, customizable packages, and streamlined processes.

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